Wörwag Pharma: success instead of bottle necks

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Böblingen, February 22, 2024 – Wörwag Pharma closed the 2023 financial year with an organic sales growth of 7.6 percent – despite the tense situation within the pharmaceutical industry.


From left: Chief Executive Officer Jochen Schlindwein and Chief Financial Officer Gerhard Mayer

In 2023, the long-established company Wörwag Pharma achieved sales of 303 million euros with around 1,400 employees in over 35 countries. This was a successful year for those responsible - despite difficulties in the industry, as Chief Financial Officer Gerhard Mayer explains: "Inflation, supply difficulties, raw material shortages and geopolitical unrest affect us just as much as all other players in our industry. Added to this is the modernization of European pharmaceutical legislation, which is leading to further uncertainty. However, we developed our own strategy long before 2023 to deal with such obstacles in the best possible way – and it paid off last year."

Launched in 2023: the vitamin C preparation Centricor® Forte vitamin C vial

Wörwag Pharma relies on a strong sales force in Germany and abroad. In 2023, the company also expanded its own production facilities by acquiring the Wörwag Pharma Production site in Pöcking, Bavaria: "We are investing in Germany and Europe, where others are investing primarily in Asia," Mayer continues. The long-established company produces a significant proportion of its products itself in Poland and Bavaria, thus securing its own supply chain in the long term.

Wörwag Pharma only sells products whose efficacy has been proven by studies – the sales force provides training and information to doctors and pharmacies. Jochen Schlindwein, Chief Executive Officer at Wörwag Pharma, adds: "Over-the-counter pharmacies account for 70 percent of our sales in Germany – and remain as important as ever. However, consumers also like to buy their healthcare products online, which is why we cooperate with all major mail-order companies. And, of course, the digital approach has grown since Covid – among both end consumers and healthcare professionals." As an example of this, Wörwag Pharma cites the new launch of the vitamin C preparation Centricor® Forte vitamin C vial, which complements the Böblingen-based company's extensive product portfolio for boosting the immune system.  The company's immune portfolio also includes the preparation Zinkorot® 25 mg, which is the most frequently dispensed zinc medicine in pharmacies in Germany.