Business Developmentat Wörwag Pharma


To expand our portfolio for our markets, we are looking for

  • Products or product portfolios that are already on the market or about to be approved
  • Biofactors, differentiated dietary supplements with scientific data and supported by clinical studies
  • OTC/OTX and Rx preparations

What we offer

  • We are already successfully active in the market in over 35 countries (Eastern Europe, CIS, Central Asia and Asia, LATAM)
  • Marketing and medicine
  • Experience with marketing authorizations in our regions
  • Research and development expertise

Our therapeutic areas

  • Diabetes and associated diseases
  • Nervous system
  • Ageing of the locomotor system
  • Strengthening of the immune system
More about our therapeutic areas

We are open to various cooperation models

In-licensing and exclusive distribution
Distribution partnership
Acquisition of products or portfolios

Your contact

Dr. Susanne Schmidt

Director Business Development

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We specialize in the prevention and treatment of diabetic comorbidities and secondary diseases and support you in maintaining or restoring your health.
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