Wörwag Pharma invests in own production

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Böblingen, February 17, 2022 – The Boeblingen-based family-owned company Wörwag Pharma invested in several strategic milestones in 2021 and successfully closed the year with a year-on-year increase in sales to 269.9 million euros. The signs continue to focus on investment and growth.


Managing directors Dr. Lucia Cinque (CINO), Gerhard Mayer (CFO) and Jochen Schlindwein (CEO), who together head the group of companies, presented the 2021 business results and the outlook for 2022 at a press briefing in Boeblingen.

The strongest countries in terms of sales were Germany and Russia, where sales increased by 6 percent to 46.8 million euros and 20 percent to 39.8 million euros, respectively. With the core products a growth above the market average was achieved in almost all countries.

A decisive milestone was reached in the anniversary year. "For the first time in the company's 50-year history, we acquired our own production facility and fully integrated it into our group. Under the new name "Wörwag Pharma Operations", we now have an innovative manufacturer and product developer in Lódz, Poland, as well as an experienced team of new colleagues. The production site is to be developed into the "Center of Excellence" for our oral dosage forms", says Gerhard Mayer.

The positive growth momentum is to be continued in the current fiscal year. The company is investing primarily in the expansion of its global product portfolio and the development of new markets such as Colombia and the United Arab Emirates.

“Last year, we launched sixteen products in new countries, and 24 new launches are planned worldwide for 2022, supported by targeted investments in end-user communication, pharmacy distribution and medical sales force," said Jochen Schlindwein. "In particular, the B12 Ankermann product, which has been very successful in Germany for years, will now be rolled out to numerous international markets."

The growth and expansion activities are creating new jobs - both at the company headquarters in Boeblingen and internationally. The new company building at Boeblingen Flugfeld, which was occupied at the end of last year, provides jobs for up to 350 employees. Around 250 employees currently work there.

With the new management position of Chief Innovation Officer (CINO) created in 2021, the company is underlining its growth ambitions and the goal of making a sustainable contribution to expanding its product portfolio and providing new healthcare solutions by investing in the areas of innovation and development.

"In the new building, our teams can be creative and develop new forms of collaboration, which will support our future growth. Agile working as well as our innovation mentality will thus be further strengthened," said Dr. Lucia Cinque.

The press briefing was followed by an official inauguration with a tour of the new company headquarters. Monika Woerwag and Gerhard Mayer welcomed the two mayors of Boeblingen and Sindelfingen, Dr. Stefan Belz and Dr. Bernd Voehringer, as well as the managing director of the “Zweckverband Flugfeld” Alexander Grullini and Mrs. Marion Oker, managing director of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce Boeblingen.