Product Overview

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Our biofactors set standards in over 35 countries.
In every country where we do business we want to meet the highest expectations of its market. Therefore we have a specific product portfolio in each country.


Diabetic comorbidities

A higher blood sugar level can cause considerable nerve and blood vessel damage. For this reason, diabetes mellitus is frequently associated with various comorbidities and secondary diseases. However, patients, who handle their diabetes positively and take care of their health, can do a great deal for their vitality. Biofactors may provide an important natural contribution. 


Neurological diseases

Nerves run through the entire body as a dense network, transporting information to all kind of organs and tissues. All organ functions as well as the mental and physical ability of human beings depend on an intact nervous system. Biofactors are critical for the functioning of this vital system and for maintaining its health.


Women's health

A great deal for women is: On the one hand, they must bring everything together in everyday life, on the other hand, their body has to endure its own physiologic challenges: menstruation, pregnancy, breastfeeding, or menopause, which use up resources – and therefore increase the need for certain biofactors. Only when the body's needs are optimally satisfied, it can maintain its fitness and health. And in case of a pregnancy – this also applies for two.


Healthy immune system

Viruses, bacteria, fungi, pathogens lurk everywhere. It's impossible to avoid them. Therefore, we are equipped with a sophisticated defense system that protects us from infectious diseases. Some biofactors are imperative "helpers" of the immune system, and hence, they are indispensable.


Bone, muscle and joint health

Who wouldn't wish to remain flexible and active throughout life? Everyone can do a lot to stay mobile: physical training, correct nutrition and sufficient intake of biofactors provide the basis to maintain bone stability, muscle strength and sturdy joints. 

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