With new company logo into the next 50 years

Just in time for the anniversary year, Wörwag Pharma presents itself with a new logo: traditional yet innovative, rooted yet globally oriented.

"During the last 50 years, the world has changed and a lot has happened in our company as well," comments Monika Wörwag, Director Corporate Communications. "It's time to make these changes visible and move with the times."

An important criterion at the beginning of the development process was not to revolutionize the logo, but to evolve it. "While the founder's identity was to be preserved, Wörwag Pharma was to be transported into the future, so that the brand identity appears contemporary," says Monika Wörwag. "In this way, we present ourselves as credible and open to new topics, new markets and innovations."

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Wörwag Pharma-Logo

The new logo was developed together with our agency Gold and Wirtschaftswunder.

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