Positive development in Russia and Eastern Europe: Wörwag Pharma increases its sales in 2017

With an increase in sales of 28 million Euros (16.2%) as compared to the previous year to 201.3 million Euros, Wörwag Pharma, the family-owned company from Böblingen, brought 2017 to a successful end.

The countries with the strongest sales were Germany and Russia. Here the general economic recovery in the country and the reorientation of Russian business made a positive difference. Sales were also able to be increased in Eastern Europe, particularly in Romania and Hungary, as well as in Ukraine.

The company, which has 900 employees worldwide and specializes in so-called biofactors, that is, vitamins, minerals and trace elements, recorded particular growth in its products Milgamma, Thiogamma, Magnerot and B12 Ankermann.

Dr. Marcus Wörwag, Chairman of the Board: "We are pleased that 2017 was a record year in our history, with sales of over 200 million Euros for the first time. We were able to reach our objective of profitable growth in our core markets. This year, we will open up new markets in Asia and Latin America on a targeted basis, for example, in Thailand together with sales partners on site.”

Profile in brief

WÖRWAG Pharma GmbH & Co. KG is a globally active pharmaceutical company. The company develops and markets biofactor preparations. The range of products of WÖRWAG Pharma includes prescription preparations as well as OTC ("over the counter") products and food supplements. 

WÖRWAG Pharma is a family-owned company which is being managed in its second generation by Dr. Marcus Wörwag, Monika Wörwag and Gerhard Mayer. Dr. Fritz Wörwag founded the company in 1971 in Stuttgart. The headquarters are in Böblingen.

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