Fritz-Wörwag-Research-Prize: New scientific findings from biofactor research honored

In order to support science and research, Wörwag Pharma has awarded the 10th Fritz Wörwag Research Prize this year. The prize rewards new research findings in the field of biofactors – this year on “Biofactors in diabetes and its comorbidities“.

The prize, endowed with € 10,000, was awarded to Dr. Alexander Strom from the German Diabetes Center (DDZ) at the Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf for his pioneering work on nerve damaging effects of magnesium deficiency in diabetes mellitus. On November 13th the independent scientific jury acknowledged during the award ceremony in Frankfurt am Main in Germany, the innovative, sound, and methodically elaborate work of Alexander Strom and the Research Group Neuropathy at the DDZ, which is of therapeutic importance. 

Magnesium research also shapes the scientific work of Prof. Dr. med. Klaus Kisters, who was honored for his lifetime achievement. This special award, endowed with € 10,000, recognizes his longstanding research work in the field of biofactors, especially magnesium, which is documented in numerous publications and his engagement in expert associations.

Promotion of Biofactor Research

The Fritz-Wörwag-Research-Prize was awarded for the 10th time on the occasion of this years 50th jubilee of the company. The aim of this prize, established by the company founder Dr. Fritz Wörwag, is to encourage and support researchers in the field of biofactors. The prize is awarded based on the decision of an independent scientific jury.

Biofactors are substances required by the body for its normal physiological functioning and/or with health-beneficial and/or disease-preventive biological activities. Biofactors include vitamins and provitamins, minerals, and trace elements.

Wörwag Pharma GmbH & Co. KG, a family-owned, pharmaceutical company headquartered in Boeblingen, Germany, develops, produces and distributes pharmaceuticals for the prevention and treatment of lifestyle diseases. The company is particularly committed to the clinical use of biofactors. Therapeutic areas include diabetes and associated diseases, nervous system, and musculo-skeletal system.


Strom A et al. Interaction between magnesium and methylglyoxal in diabetic polyneuropathy and neuronal models. Molecular Metabolism 43 (2021).



Fritz-Wörwag-Research-Prize 2021

f.l.t.r.: Dr. Alexander Strom (award winner), Prof. Kristian Rett (chairman of the jury), Dr. Fritz Wörwag (founder of the award) and Prof. Klaus Kisters (award winner)

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