Helping people to help themselves: New vocational schools for Tanzania

A new vocational school was opened in the small town of Kakozi in southern Tanzania, for the construction and equipping of which the Stuttgart-based Wörwag family of entrepreneurs assumed the costs.

A hundred young people can complete an apprenticeship here from February 2017 on as a tailor, carpenter, electrician or computer expert. In addition, for female pupils from outside, residential accommodation will be built and completed this year.

It is the fourth vocational school which has been planned and built with the support of the family and its company WÖRWAG Pharma. Dr. Marcus Wörwag, son of the company founder, opened the new vocational school together with the representatives of Herrnhuter Missionshilfe (Moravian Mission Society in Germany) as the building owners.

An opening ceremony was held at a later time for the Namtumbo vocational training centre in southern Tanzania. In January last year the school here began teaching the subjects of household management, electrical installation, carpentry, sewing, PC/commercial training and mathematics.¬ A total of 80 pupils are registered for 2017.

In Songea, 60 kilometres away, a training centre was set up in 2013, where 62 young people are currently learning a profession. The training provided here is also sewing, electrical¬ installation, carpentry and PC/commercial training.

Dr. Marcus Wörwag: "Education is the key to a better future. Through the construction of vocational schools in Tanzania, we are specifically helping people to help themselves. The Herrnhuter Missionshilfe is a reliable partner for this. It guarantees that all of the funds that are invested also arrive where they are needed. Moreover, this also enables us to execute our own projects".

In 1997, company founder Dr. Fritz Wörwag started his humanitarian aid projects in Tanzania, one of the poorest countries in the world. In addition to projects for a reliable electricity supply or clean drinking water, vocational training has become an increasingly important commitment for the family-run concern as a "key to a better future".

Young people are particularly affected by the high unemployment in the country. Almost 45 per cent of Tanzania's population are under 15 years of age. The need for vocational schools is high and cannot be covered by the state schools. Here, private schools can create additional training places and therefore better professional and economic perspectives for young Tanzanians.

The preconditions for running a school successfully with increasing numbers of pupils are training subjects that meet the pupils’ needs, sufficient qualification of the teachers and financial support for those pupils who cannot afford the school fees themselves. The Herrnhuter Missionshilfe (Moravian Church) provides local help with its church members so that the conditions for this are created.

"Opening ceremony in Kakozi"

"Opening ceremony in Kakozi"

"Dr. Marcus Wörwag reveals the foundation stone"

"Dr. Marcus Wörwag reveals the foundation stone"

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