Positive development in Eastern Europe: Wörwag Pharma with rise of sales in first half of 2019

With an increase in sales of 8.7 percent, i. e. 118.2 million Euro, compared to the previous year, the family-owned pharma company Wörwag Pharma has successfully finished the first half of 2019.

Countries with a high revenue were Germany, Russia, Romania, and Hungary. Also Slovakia and the Baltic States had a positive development. The CIS states and Central Asia recorded an increase in sales of 196,000 Euro, i. e. 3.2 million Euro.

The company with 1,000 employees worldwide sells its biofactor preparations, i. e. vitamins, minerals, and trace elements, in more than 35 countries. Most of the products are used to treat diabetic comorbidities such as neuropathy (nerve damage) as well as pain and cardiovascular and neurological diseases.

Managing Director Monika Wörwag: „We are glad to continue our path of growth also in the first half of this year. Our core markets grow above average. In our new markets, e. g. in Thailand, we have introduced our products in June at a symposium in Bangkok and established important business contacts. We see good growth opportunities here.”


Company profile

WÖRWAG Pharma is a pharmaceutical company which develops and sells biofactor preparations. Biofactors are e. g. vitamins, minerals, and trace elements. The range of products of WÖRWAG Pharma comprises both prescription preparations and over the counter (OTC) products and food supplements.

In 2018, the company with a staff of 1,000 employees in more than 35 countries achieved sales of 211 million euros.

WÖRWAG Pharma is a family-owned company led by Monika Wörwag and Gerhard Mayer. Dr. Fritz Wörwag founded the company in Stuttgart in 1971. Its headquarters are in Böblingen.

Monika Wörwag

Managing Director Monika Wörwag

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