WÖRWAG Pharma: Competence in Biofactors

WÖRWAG Pharma GmbH & Co. KG is a pharmaceutical company with subsidiaries worldwide. The company develops and sells biofactor preparations.


»One of our strengths is that we will remain a family-owned company that takes responsibility. We advocate values which do not appear in the balance sheet, and continue to grow independently of banks or investors. Humanity, closeness, and self-responsibility are the claims of a big team that is ready to change constantly and become better.

Monika Wörwag and Dr. Marcus Wörwag

The range of products of WÖRWAG Pharma comprises both prescription preparations and over the counter (OTC) products and food supplements. The products, which are sold exclusively in pharmacies, are used to treat diabetic comorbidities such as neuropathy (nerve damage) as well as cardiovascular and neurological diseases.

In 2019, the company with a staff of 1,000 employees in more than 35 countries achieved sales of 234.1 million euros. Its sales markets are Germany, Eastern Europe, Russia, the Baltic States, Central Asia, Asia, and Latin America.

WÖRWAG Pharma is a family-owned company. The Management Board consists of Monika Wörwag and Gerhard Mayer. Dr. Fritz Wörwag founded the company in Stuttgart in 1971. Its corporate headquarters today are in Böblingen.


The city pharmacy in Stuttgart, where everything began one day in 1965, still belongs to our company and is an essential part of the way we see ourselves.

Since then, successful market launches have led us to be present in more than 35 countries. Around the world, employees in own subsidiaries and sales offices represent our brand. And yet our origin remains an important point of reference: It gives us the rootedness that we need in order to be open to new ideas. So that we can shape the future with them.


Our Mission

We empower health-conscious people with highly effective solutions to prevent and treat lifestyle diseases.

Our Values

  • We are responsible!
  • We are result-oriented!
  • We are customer-oriented!
  • We enjoy our work!

Our Locations


In more than 35 countries, we are already doing business successfully. Our aim is to expand further, above all in Asia and Latin America. We will do this with economic reason - and with our feet on the ground of our Swabian home.

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